Three or four years, I gave my son a MacPro laptop so that he can use it to play games and hooked on facebook. Previously, he used to have a windows machine with Windows XP platform.

Well said, as all of us know, there’s a lot of worm, virus, and spam targetting windows machine, and my young boy wouldn’t know anything about that. Just after 3 months using windows desktop, it started to hang, crashed, blue screen and whatever situation that can happened on windows (as you know…). I try to fix it, reinstall the OS, and it’s a successfull mission. But it won’t last for another 1 month. The crazy things start happen again. The blue screen, the pop-up windows and all the Windows XP issues surface. It gives me a headache!

Later I realize, it’s not my son fault. He’s justĀ 5 years old when he start using computer. Then this is where I decided to give him my MacBook Pro so that he can’t simply download or accidently click unnecessary links at the website.

My judgement is correct, he use the Mac without any problem for few years. Downloading only Mac games, hooked to facebook and just play any online flash games. He’s happy with it and I’m glad that I don’t need to fix it regularly as like I did on windows machine.

And, comes his younger brother, 3 years different, start using the same Mac.. until one day he accidentally pour a cup of milo-ice on the Mac while using it… the rest is history!