THE new fuel hike is going to spell hardship for medium income earners and devastating to the poor. This is ridiculous especially when you don’t have a reliable public transportation system. KTM, the LRT and buses are providing a pathetic service. I am talking only about the situation in Klang Valley. How about other states and townships?

Come today, I hate to imagine the overcrowding of these public amenities that are never on schedule and subject to frequent disruption without any announcement at all. Taxi drivers who do not use natural gas too will impose new rates on their own. Haulers and other goods transportation networks are going to be hard-hit. The profiteers and going to have a field day as the government is so weak on enforcement. The overall impact on the cost of living is simply frightening. The hardcore poor may even face starvation.

We urge the government to cancel or postpone all the proposed mega projects and growth corridors that are not going to benefit the rakyat at this point of time. The government must eat humble pie and engage economic experts to advise and restructure spending. It ought to consider the plight of the poorest. I dare say this fuel price increase is enough for the government to lose further support as the rakyat has nothing to lose by voting the Opposition to replace the federal government.