Today, I’ve successfully migrate to a new domain,!

My previous blog at RS having a technical problem (not technical actually, but the name of it), so I decided to go for a new registration. At first place, I kept thinking what’s the best name is still available on the net. Me and friends have come across a few names, but most of it had been taken. After having a super with them at Pasar Kg Pandan, I drove back to my home and my mind still searching the best word to choose. Suddenly, I remembered my son’s favourite movie at this moment, Transformers. He like to be the Megatron and choosed his father (which is me) as the Optimus Prime. That’s it, how about MegaBlog? I immediately search at internet the availability of that names, but the result is not on my side. It’s already taken by some one. After a few tries, finally I end up with this domain, and I’m happy for it.

I thought migrating from previous blog to this new domain could be easy as I can import the SQL database thru PhpMyAdmin. But when I’d imported it, the new blogs keep on referring to the old domain. I’m not going to spent a long period on this migration with a headache, so I just use the normal import/export to XML and configured my new blog one by one again.

Hope this blog could stay on a long period…