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Got USD xxx every single month

Posted by Naro on March 7th, 2010

I just realize somebody from advertisers company keep on paying me thru paypal since last year. Thank you so much.

Toll burden heavier on inter-city highways

Posted by Naro on May 13th, 2009

I ‘m INTERESTED to the prime minister’s request to the Economic Planning Unit to seek a comprehensive solution to the toll issue and to look into various proposals on the takeover of highway concessionaire PLUS Expressways Bhd, operator of the North-South Expressway (NSE).

Everybody keeps saying that travel on the NSE is a burden financially. However, the urban highway issue is more pressing. The government should look into BESRAYA, GRAND SAGA, SPRINT, NKVE, NPE and the SMART tunnel where urbanites have to pay toll everyday, sometimes three or four times a day.

The amount of toll paid at these highways adds up to a bigger amount compared to what is paid on the NSE.

In addition, the NSE is not a highway that the average consumer uses regularly. The biggest beneficiary of lower toll or abolition of toll on the NSE would  be businesses rather than the man in the street who does not frequently go on long-distance trips. Therefore, priority should be given to tolled links which ring the Klang Valley.

By only privatising PLUS, what message is the government sending if it does not have a follow-up plan for other toll roads?

Fuel hikes – Lower-Income group affected!

Posted by Naro on June 9th, 2008

THE new fuel hike is going to spell hardship for medium income earners and devastating to the poor. This is ridiculous especially when you don’t have a reliable public transportation system. KTM, the LRT and buses are providing a pathetic service. I am talking only about the situation in Klang Valley. How about other states and townships?

Come today, I hate to imagine the overcrowding of these public amenities that are never on schedule and subject to frequent disruption without any announcement at all. Taxi drivers who do not use natural gas too will impose new rates on their own. Haulers and other goods transportation networks are going to be hard-hit. The profiteers and going to have a field day as the government is so weak on enforcement. The overall impact on the cost of living is simply frightening. The hardcore poor may even face starvation.

We urge the government to cancel or postpone all the proposed mega projects and growth corridors that are not going to benefit the rakyat at this point of time. The government must eat humble pie and engage economic experts to advise and restructure spending. It ought to consider the plight of the poorest. I dare say this fuel price increase is enough for the government to lose further support as the rakyat has nothing to lose by voting the Opposition to replace the federal government.

Widgetbucks only for US & Canada?

Posted by Naro on November 19th, 2007

WidgetBucks, who until today were featured quite prominently on my blogs, have just changed their payment policy.

Now, ad networks changes their terms and conditions all the time, but the WidgetBucks change is the most mindblowingly stupid idea I’ve ever heard:

From now on, publishers will only be paid for trafffic from the US and Canada.

For many publishers, that will completely wipe out their earnings, and they may not even be aware of the change. Meanwhile, WidgetBucks are continuing to accept clicks from outside the US and redirect them to their own affiliates. (I just checked – one of my links was redirected to Amazon via

In short, they’re generating money from your traffic, while refusing to pay you for it.

Now, there’s a possibility that this is just a really, really bad attempt to try to stamp out fraud and not a ’scam’, but the consequence for publishers is exactly the same – WidgetBucks is stealing your traffic and not paying you.

I’m not sure whether to remove or not all WidgetBucks widgets from my sites, but I will closely monitor their progress and statements. My personal recommendation is that you should do the same but obviously, the decision as to whether or not to remove WidgetBucks is yours at the end of the day.

Google Adsense Section

Posted by Naro on September 16th, 2007

How do bloggers make money through their posting? The answer is easy, advertisement! Nowadays, internet has become the most powerful medium for any kind of information to be circulated. No boundaries, no time limit, no hesitation, no traffic jams, no long queues, and yet, nobody cares what you’re putting at the web. Advertisement business can’t put aside. They are the one who has been a long time admire for this medium. When Internet Technology revolutionize from time to time, they follows too. At this seconds, there are many online advertisements company aggressively promoted their concept to advertisers and publishers such as Google Adsense, Advertlets, NuffNang, Bitvertiser, Adbrite, Ebay, ClickBank and many more. For all the selection above, Google Adsense could be the easiest and fastest way if you don’t want to left behind this money making opportunity. 

I have created a page section specially for Google Adsense knowledge-base, and hopefully all the posted contents could guided most of you, my friends, to establish more  Blog or Website with Adsense as a solely advertisements. As a publisher, we should know everything about the program, not just try to catch the money instead. Sometimes we may forget the rules and regulations in order for us to stay in the program. Once you have been banned, you’re banned forever from the Adsense program. Do no think to re-join it unless you know the real tricks on how to avoid being banned for the second, third or fourth time.

Some information which I share here are the most common information you can find on the net. Some are eligible to show, but some are can’t, due to strict regulations by Google itself. If you would like to know more, email me at

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