Having Adsense on your website, blog or portal is an opportunity to have a side income to fill up your pocket. But before we go further, we need to know what is Adsense exactly and the things beyond the normal note that you could find at internet.

Sometimes we cannot take things for granted, for example, one of my friends for several years spoke to me and I just realised that all this time, he though Adwords was Adsense. Shocking! Well shocking to me anyway.
That’s why I would like to create a section here. A beginner’s guide to Google Adsense. Everything a beginner need to know on Google Adsense.

When you are searching with Google you will see some results on the right hand side of the search results. These are called Google Adwords. They’re advertisements which people pay for. Everytime you click on the adwords, the advertiser is charged a certain amount. This is because the adverts are paid for on a as click basis. For example, if 3 people clicked on your advert 3 times, then you will be charged 3 times. This is what is called “Pay per click” or PPC.

Throughout this page section, I will highlight several key components in establishing Google Adsense inside your web or blog.

- What is AdSense – A Brief History

- Why You Should Use Adsense?

- Tips for a successfully Adsense Site

- AdSense Formula for Making Money

- Adsense Tips

- Get relevant ads on your site

- Avoid Having Your AdSense Accout Banned

- Common Mistakes that Violate Google Adsense TOS

- How does Google detect Invalid clicks?