Talk about a town (some called city), we can imagine everything related to our life should be there, from the beginning of a very basic needs, an extra income to keep up with the rapid development surround, and the spending power to reach your glorious satisfactions. Thus, this blog which goes by the title Naro’s Town will talk about all the things mentioned above as an expression from one citizenship who will have to challenge his routine life with so many obstacles, problems, issues, opportunities, technologies, rules, government warfare, politics, conspiration, and more. The thoughts posted here are solely my own opinions and cannot be taken for the court orders.

So here I am, just released another web’s art contribution since The World Of Internet surface to my life in 1995, where the BBS (Bulletin Board System) is widely use to share the information (including JPG files), all in the black background with the striking coloured fonts. May be it’s not too late for me to have a blog, even though it pop-up all over the world since 2 or 3 years ago. Better late than never, as people always quote.

Finding a time to keep on updating the blog is another issues commonly faced by all the bloggers. Except for the full time blogger who has already made thousands of dollars monthly being a successful publisher, the average people, like me, may or may not be able to update this blog every single day. My professionalism required me to give more attention on it. Moreover, the jobs nearly provide 75% of my monthly pocket money. However, rest assured that I will try my best to keep on posted new thoughts and point of views every week.