Now we are in 2008, a new date has begun, and it should begin with a new stories. I’m sorry couldn’t write so much in the past few months due to heavy works and simultaneous tasks that I have to complete.

2007 has left me some significant issues and events. I can only summarize what have come across my mind at this moment:

1. The year when Manchester United win Premier Leagues title and fail to beat Chelsea in FA Cup final and lost to AC Milan in CL semifinal.

2. When a rookie made a major headlines in Formula One with Louis Hamilton of McLaren consistently make a podium finish, but failed to win the title when it goes to Kimi of Ferrari. McLaren has been fined USD 100 million on spying Ferrari’s setting and Alonso is the scapegoat! BMW Sauber Petronas grab the runner-up.

3. Dr SMS of Malaysian made it to the space, harbouring with another astronouts at Russian Space Station.

4. Fuel and Cigarettes price extremely increase. It’s all about political issues in this country.

5. Swisscash left thousands of people kaput.

6. Get involved in Foreign Exchange (FOREX) market.

7. Can’t make it to the Sepang for the first time since Formula 1 live at Malaysia.

8. Finding new business opportunity in fertigasi agriculture.

9. Lost USD 2k in forex within few minutes when Tony Blair (UK Prime Minister) is ready to announce his resignation.

10. Selling of my second car.

11. Settle down at my own apartment. 15 years loan, i think that’s enough. 11 years to go!

Well, that’s all I can figure it out at this moment, maybe there are some left behind, and of course the are some significant events that I think better for me to keep it myself.

See ya 2008!