Have you ever think to have your own blog viewed via handphone? I just found a new services (maybe quite late for me) from FeedM8 [www.feedm8.com] which provide a platform for any content feeder such as news, blog or even portal. I haven’t discover yet how far does this service can enhance my blog, but I’m not afraid to give it a try.

All you have to do is just subscribe by clicks on the button at the right here and follow few simple steps to verify that the feed (content from the blog, which is automatically send thru RSS) is yours.

After a few reading, i noticed that these service quite similar to Google Adsense, except it is for WAP services, which can be accessed by handphone or mobile device. This services will convert any news feed from our blog to a content and display it by mobile phone together with their advertisements. We, as a publisher can generate extra income whenever readers click at the ads appeared inside or mobile blog. Sound similar is it? And the best part is, it can pay through your PayPal account. I will give more attention to this feature from time to time.

Mean while, if you are on the go, you can access my blog via your phone using 3G, GPRS or WAP at this link: