I’m in the middle of developing portal for Persatuan Orang Kota Bharu Di Perantauan (OKB) at this moment. Thinking of the way the portal should be, I decided to choose Joomla as a platform. Not saying that I am Joomlanians, but for the sake of easy maintenance, updating, monitoring, and database administration, Joomla should give a correct answer.

Joomla is just another Content Management System (CMS) which are widely used in both commercial and individual portal purposes. Known as a Mambo previously, the Joomla community is scattered around the world and you can find many modules developed and contributed by this group of people. Apart from Joomla, PostNuke is another CMS that I have used before. Drupal, Xoops, PHP-Nuke are few names that have come across my portal development before. Each of them have their own pros and cons. You will know once you get used to it.

Referring back to OKB, it is just another NGO community who served for Kota Bharu’s (Kelantan) people who live and work at Kuala Lumpur / Selangor. This newly formed organisation have an extensive¬†target, mission and vision towards people development. Not to forget the network link that arise from the society which will benefits all their members.